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An open-ended fortnightly meeting to discuss classic and new articles in theoretical chemistry and related topics.

So far, has been meeting every other Monday afternoon in the Amdur Room (6-233).

Each meeting is chaired by one person who selects one or a few articles for the meeting, and begins the discussion with a short presentation lasting approximately one centiday (15 minutes).

Fall 2009

10/19Lee-PingKumar et al., The weighted histogram analysis method for free-energy calculations on biomolecules. I. The method
11/02ShaneRathore, Chopra, and de Pablo, Optimal allocation of replicas in parallel tempering simulations
  Earl and Deem, Parallel tempering: Theory, applications, and new perspectives
11/16TimCurutchet et al., Electronic Energy Transfer in Condensed Phase Studied by a Polarizable QM/MM Model
  Cammi and Mennucci, Linear response theory for the polarizable continuum model

Possible papers for discussion

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