Contact Information

MIT Department of Chemistry
Room 6-230
Cambridge, MA 02139 email: hwx

Year joined: 2011


2011BS in Chemistry and MathematicsFurman UniversityAdvisor: Karen Buchmueller

Research Interests

Random Matrix Theory

I am currently working on the application of Random Matrix Theory (RMT) to model transport in disordered systems (e.g. excition diffusion in disordered organic semiconductors). Attaining the transport properties of small particles in complex environments is extremely difficult experimentally; therefore, a theoretical tool to model these processes is invaluable to understanding how they work. It has been shown that RMT is a computationally cheap way to accurately obtain the density of states for simple Hamiltonians modeling disorder, such as the Andrerson model. I hope to extend this work and calculate transport properties of this system.

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